Privacy Policy

  1. We complete your transaction within 5 - 15 minutes. (For PayPal & Payoneer it can take maximum 24 hours if there is no issue) 
  2. Our buy, sell and exchange rate are excessively close that’s why you have to pay transaction fee if you buy less balance that’s we required.
  3. Feel free to call us for instant exchange. The number is on our landing page. 
  4. For better service we aren't pay any types of advance payment. (You have to pay first to get your required payment or service) 
  5. We are working 7 days for you.  
  6. Some time transaction will be late when administrator goes to OFFLINE (12.00 am to 9.00 am).  
  7. In the event that you make some request after 12pm, it will be complied next morning after 9.00am.  
  8. You can refund your payment, in this situation you need to pay transaction fee

Our Services

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