Terms of service

Money Alter site only for freelancing, associate advertiser, cpa advertiser, web publish and online dollar buy sell related. Many freelancers can’t exchange their money in real time. if you dollar sell buy or exchange dollar in bank you have to pay minimum fee, but who earn less dollar from online they cannot exchange from bank because of minimum fee. A consultant or online dollar maker can't trade their poor Dollar through Dealer or Money exchanges allowed by Bangladesh Bank. Bank doesn’t permit low Money and requires high expenses. That’s why we are here for trusted dollar buy sell in Bangladesh any amount of dollar to BDT. 

Many online workers lost their virtual dollar consistently due to withdrawal, accordingly, Bangladesh lost outside wage. Along these lines, we are the site (Money Alter) simply help them to USD buy sell their dollar to take moment. After that we gather all the cash for trade through Bank. 

You can believe us 100% to dollar sell buy to other cash or USD to BDT. Money Alter doesn't help or support to any kind of scam fund. If we found any kind of reason we have right to freeze your payment and also have ability to block your future transaction as well. you have right, If we need to take legal action. 

Registration and administration: 

You have to open a account with Money Alter Your submitted information at the registration time in buyselldollar.com we can view for contacting with you. We need to contact with you for our changes or upgrades to our products or services that may additionally have an effect on our service to you. 

Our products and services:

Web Design, developing, any kind of software making and online service providing is our main theme. Buy Sell Dollar are made for exchange virtual currency. We exchange or buy sell any kind of online dollar buy sell in bd. We support all kind of money in Bangladesh. If you want buy or get virtual money instant of BDT you can exchange. We support below gateway 

Prevention and detection of crime:

We may additionally need to ignore your facts on to Governmental departments, Regulatory bodies, the law enforcement businesses or to a courtroom of law. This would be done, for example, to help in the prevention of a crime (Anti - Money Laundering / fraud), to meet prison necessities or for different lawful purposes.

Our Services

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